AviVit Electro Plus high-spec Poultry Electrolytes in (3 sizes)


Sizes – 300ml / 500ml / 1000ml

AviVit Electro-Plus B is an effective concentrated nutritional aid high in teh B vitamins, combining ionised salts and vitamins, specially formulated for the relief of heat stress and metabolic disorders associated with dehydration in poultry. Particularly helpful for laying hens, in periods of hot weather.

When purchasing poultry vitamins and comparing prices, always read the label for the list of ingredients and the concentration level. At Avivit we do not compromise on quality.

AviVit‘ is a registered trademark

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AviVit®Electro-Plus B High spec liquid Poultry Electrolytes + vitamin B

AviVit Electro-Plus is an effective, concentrated, nutritional aid, specially formulated for the relief of Heat Stress and metabolic disorders associated with dehydration in poultry. Used by professional and domestic poultry keepers, and breeders. Economical to use, with dose of 5ml per litre of drinking water. Supplied in an amber, fully recyclable bottle for protection from UV light, with a child proof cap.

AviVit is a registered trademark


300, 500 & 1000 ml UV proof, fully recyclable, amber bottles with child proof cap

  • Effective aid for the relief of Heat Stress
  • Helps to provide the electrical energy for many functions within the body
  • Helps maintain the normal salt balance
  • An aid during periods of stress, after vaccination, antibiotic use, or illness
  • Used for all poultry when water consumption has dropped
  • Use regularly in hot weather to maintain condition, and egg production in laying hens
  • Can be used for all ages

Safety Information

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • For poultry use only.
  • Not for human consumption
Composition per litre
Ingredients Per litre Ingredients Per Litre
Vitamin B 1 1500 mg Monopotassium Phosphate 25 gm
Riboflavin 1800 mg Magnesium Sulphate  5 gm
Vitamin B6  820 mg  Sodium Chloride 50 gm
Vitamin B12 1000 mcg Citric Acid 5 gm
Dextrose 300 gm Potassium Citrate 700 mg
Glycine 40 gm Vitamin C 7000 mg


Add 5ml per litre of clean water, twice weekly or daily during a heatwave.


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