FlightPATH – premium grade Friendly Bacteria for pigeons (1 x 50 bird sachet)


Probiotics for maintaining Natural Intestinal Microflora in all PIGEONS

FlightPATH Friendly Bacteria is an avian competitive exclusion product especially for pigeons. (1 sachet treats up to 50 birds)

  • FlightPATH probiotics contain natural avian micro-organisms and will establish, maintain or restore a balanced and normal gut microflora
  • Superior to Probiotics and Prebiotics
  • Freeze dried soluble powder packed in a protective atmosphere
  • Open sachet immediately before use. Do not reseal part-used sachets
  • The contents of one sachet are sufficient for 50 pigeons
  • Store in a refrigerator at +2°C to +8°C
  • Use-by-date on back of pack



Salmonella / Paratyphoid
FlightPath has been shown to competitively exclude Salmonella / Paratyphoid from the intestinal microflora.
E. Coli

FlightPath has been shown to competitively exclude E. Coli from the intestinal microflora.

Treatments with Antibiotics can destroy the  normal gut microflora and leave birds vulnerable to disease. FlightPath re-establishes the natural avian gut microflora. FlightPath should be administered after an Antibiotic treatment.
Sending birds for Racing, Diet change, Moulting, Darkening young birds, all cause Stress that can result in an imbalance in the gut microflora. FlightPath re-balances the gut microflora.
Young bird sickness
FlightPath administered to young birds once a month from weaning age helps to avoid the young bird sickness
Giving FlightPath to the birds
Place the drinkers in the loft sections. The birds should have no other water source whilst the FlightPath suspension is present. Once all the suspension has been consumed, rinse the drinkers and refill with fresh tap water. Do not add treatments or disinfectants to the drinking water for at least 48 hours.

FlightPath is a natural, live intestinal microflora derived from pathogen-free birds and manufactured by fermentation. It is used to establish, maintain or restore a balanced and normal gut flora.

FlightPath is a freeze-dried powder packed in an inert atmosphere.

Although safe to handle, the product has a distinctive smell and rubber gloves and a dust mask should be worn during preparation. Wash your hands after using the product.

Empty sachets and out of date product can be disposed of as normal household waste. The sachets are a foil polymer laminate and cannot currently be recycled.

Information and Advice

Store in a refrigerator at +2°C to +8°C. Can be stored in a freezer without damaging the product.

Give to birds at least monthly (more frequent use is not harmful). Can be given in the drinking water or on food (see below). It is safe to allow parent birds to drink or eat the product whilst they are feeding their young – this will help to establish the adult flora in the young birds. Wait 48 hours after antibiotic treatment before using FlightPath.

Sachet contents are sufficient for up to 50 birds.

FlightPath in drinking water

It is a good idea to restrict water to the birds prior to giving them FlightPath. Remove the drinkers the night before and feed the birds in the morning before giving them the prepared FlightPath suspension. Immediately before use, shake the contents to the bottom of the sachet and cut open the top using scissors. Use the entire sachet: opened sachets cannot be stored – the bacteria in the product are sensitive to oxygen and moisture.

Sprinkle the contents of the sachet onto the surface of 500ml or 1 pint of dechlorinated water (e.g., tap water left overnight or boiled, cooled water) in a clean container and stir gently.

No antibacterial treatments or disinfectants should be in the water used to prepare or dilute FlightPath. Leave to dissolve for 10 minutes then stir gently again to mix in the product. Do not shake the container as this can cause oxygen to dissolve into the suspension and damage the bacteria.

Dilution of the prepared FlightPath suspension

Add the prepared suspension to a clean empty drinker. With multiple loft sections, divide the prepared product amongst the drinkers. For example if you have two sections each with 25 birds, put half of the product in one drinker and half in the other.

Then add more dechlorinated water to the drinker(s) to give a volume of suspension that the birds will drink completely In a maximum of 6 hours. The product will degrade after this period.

FlightPath via food

Add the FlightPath sachet contents to 60ml (approximately 2 fluid ounces) of vegetable oil (e.g., corn oil, sunflower oil etc.) in a large bowl. Stir FlightPath into the oil to form a suspension. Add to the bowl the normal amount of food the 50 birds will eat and stir to evenly coat the food with the oil/ FlightPath mix. More oil can be added if necessary. Distribute the food for the birds to eat.


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