Plain Hen Size Flint (4-7)mm


For poultry growers between 12 and 18 weeks of age

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Avivit Plain Hen Flint

These are hard, insoluble pebbles that act in the same way as teeth do in human beings. They help to grind the food in the gizzard in a muscular action enabling the nutrients within the food to be better absorbed in the intestines.

Avivit Flint grit is a quality product that are carefully washed, ground, graded and heat-treated under strict conditions before being packaged. They do not contain any artificial ingredients or colours but are similar to what the bird would choose naturally, in the wild.

Please note

For laying hens after 18 weeks of age, change to MixedPoultry Grit which contains Oyster shell, an excellent source of calcium which is soluble and is digested by the bird, enabling her to form strong egg-shells. Oyster shell is provided in addition to the calcium in layers pellets. The birds will take it as required and it is absorbed over a longer period of time than powdered additives in feed.

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