Walking in Circles (free download)


Did you know that 37% of UK farm animals, that 16,661,696 animals still confined to cruel cages. A survey of EU Counties found that the UK is in eight place with only 63% of UK animals, reared in cage-free conditions. Listen to my song and think of the animals when shopping for meat and eggs. Remember, hundreds of products contain meat and eggs – if the label doesn’t clearly state ‘free-range’ or ‘ethically reared’, don’t buy!



In 2012, Compassion in World Farming helped to bring the EU barren battery cage ban into place. It was an opportunity for a huge stride forwards in the welfare of Europe’s laying hens.

But sadly, there was a failing in the legislation. A failing that many in the egg industry have seized upon: they have simply replaced the barren cage with the so-called ‘enriched’ version.

Today we look back on the great injustices of the past – slavery, woman suffrage, segregation and think – how did society allow that to persist? In the end, injustices fall and ‘the arc of the moral universe bends toward justice,’ as Martin Luther King once said.

One day, in the not too distant future, we will look back on the practice of confining farm animals in cages and ask the same thing – how did we ever permit such cruelty to become normal? Compassion in World Farming’s End the Cage Age video, calls for an end to the era of cages. After all, cages have only been part of agriculture for a relatively short period. And they can just as quickly be dismantled. The writing is on the wall. Cages are increasingly being phased out by companies and governments alike, as consumers’ preference for products like cage free eggs continues to increase and scientific evidence also concludes that cages can never allow for good hen welfare, continues to mount.

It is indisputable that poultry are capable of feeling pain. All poultry species are sentient vertebrates and all the available evidence shows that they have a very similar range of feelings as mammalian species. Poultry can suffer by feeling pain, fear and stress.

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Lyrics………………………………………..Philip Lee-Woolf

Music, vocals & acoustic guitar…Dominic Edmunds

Harmonica & acoustic guitar…….Neal Williams


Dedicated to the memory of Simon Caroll

(former Blue Chicken Band)


Walking in Circles

I had a dream of happier days

And playful ways for all to share


A nest of straw for eggs to hatch

Damp earth to scratch in open air


Now come on girls it’s time to run

Shake-up your feathers and have some fun

All chicken of the world unite

And crow about your dreadful plight


A kinder world with things to do

Fresh grass to chew all free and fair


I love the space to stretch a wing

The scent of spring and cool fresh air


Alas I’ve had a cruel dream

A flash of light, a deadly beam

I bow my head and want to scream


Walking in circles with nowhere to go

Shoulder to shoulder I go with the flow

Walking in circles with nowhere to go

Shoulder to shoulder I go with the flow


The price I pay’s too much to bear

Hidden from the public glare

The price I pay’s too much to bear

To suffer in complete despair


Crowded but lonely, stripped of a soul

No longer whole oh, so unfair


A clouded eye looks for the sky

Crowded but lonely stripped of a soul

Longing to fly but hoping to die

No longer whole oh, so unfair


No egg today, I didn’t want that

I’m all burnt out ‘cause my battery’s flat

I know now I can no longer cope

The soup man says there ain’t no hope


Crowded but lonely stripped of a soul

No longer whole oh, so unfair

Crowded but lonely stripped of a soul

No longer whole oh, so unfair.


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