Garden Poultry Conditioner


Avivit Garden Poultry Conditioner is a specifically formulated blend of essential vitamins and minerals plus Turmeric, Paparika and Grass Meal, to maintain health and vigour in Free-Range Garden Hens all year round. Packed in a re-sealable 2.5L bucket.



Introducing Avivit Poultry Conditioner, the perfect solution for promoting health, vitality, and improved egg quality in your poultry. This top-quality product is specially designed for Turkey, Pheasant, Chicken, and Guinea Fowl and is available in a unit quantity of 2.5, making it a cost-effective option for all poultry farmers. Avivit Poultry Conditioner is made with natural ingredients like Turmeric and Paprika, which are known for their health benefits. This Poultry Health product is manufactured in the United Kingdom and is a must-have for all poultry farmers. Order now and keep your poultry healthy and thriving!


  • a concentrated product
  • contains Maize Gluten with 60% protein
  • contains Turmeric – a natural antibiotic
  • effectively promotes growth, egg production and health status of chickens.
  • contains Paprika to help with egg quality
  • contans grass meal from Lincolnshire
  • helps at times of stress and disease challenge
  • strengthens the immune stystem
  • helps during extreme weather conditions


Keep out of reach and sight of children. For poultry use only. Not for human consumption


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